ITS Reorganization – A Complete Waste of Money.

The ITS reorganization is happening. In April will be a broader push Planned ITS Reorganization by Mr. Samson, Mr. Digman, Ms. Geduldig, and Mr. Rose is underway.

In an attempt to increase efficiencies the inept ITS executive team is taking 3 clusters Enterprise Business Solutions, Citizens Services, and Health and breaking them up into nine entities.

This will increase the current executives from 8 all making $150,000 plus up to 24 with an additional three deputy CIOs reporting to Karen.

In other words, five layers of management compared to two – this is obscene and not going to make things more efficient – just increase expenses and antagonize the unions.

The three clusters have made several internal complaints in meetings stating it was going to make things more difficult and wholly inefficient and the people were told to tow the line, and sell it to your people or look for another job.

This new model will put Ms. Geduldig and Mr. Rose in charge of all ITS contracts and spending.
Clearly, this is very bad for the hard-working taxpayers of New York State.