Innovation That Matters – A Complete Joke.

Innovation That Matters – A Complete Joke

Mr. Samson and his cronies seem to think innovation in 2018 is to buy costly mainframes from IBM or to convert databases to IBM DB2 – where Mr. Samson worked for over 36 years and receives a pension from.
Insiders now say after the 6 million waste of tax payer funds to IBM Mr. Samson and his cronies are seeking ways to use the mainframes.
You would think there would be a need before a purchase is made! - Where is the oversight?

Recently, Mr. Jason Treco from Amazon came to visit Mr. Samson and his executive team. Mr. Treco was so unimpressed with Mr. Samson that he sent a letter to the governor's office stating his dismay and how technically inept Mr. Samson is.

Mr. Treco asked why the state lacks a cloud first strategy?
Of course Mr. Samson immediately reached out to Amazon to have Mr. Treco fired!!

Just about the entire vendor community is disgusted with Mr. Samson and his team - unless you are IBM, nFrastructure, or Unisys.