Ignore Already Purchased Assets.

Not Using Already Purchased Software

Most people try and make the most of their money. If they buy something, they use it. They do not look for something else.

Mr. Samson and his cronies purchased millions of dollars’ worth of software from Microsoft and Oracle and have left it on the shelf so they can fill the coffers of IBM and Unisys to buy theirs.

Microsoft Azure
In 2016, the state purchased $750,000 worth of Azure credits. To this day very little has been used and they will soon run out and have been an entire waste of taxpayer dollars.
Mr. Digman and has been instructing not to use and let them expire.
They are making every attempt not to use the cloud but to push the data center so that they can rationalize their spending and purchases.
Unless you are using IBM's or Google Cloud than that is OK.

Many vendors are complaining that the state is unwilling to use any cloud unless it is IBM (Mr. Samson’s previous employer) or Google his son Daniel’s current employer.

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics – the state purchased over 4 million dollars’ worth of licensing, and they are letting them expire.
Mr. Samson, Mr. Digman, and Karen Geduldig are holding off agencies from using it.
It is our understanding that these three cronies fired the Executive Director for the Administration and General Service’s portfolio because he was pushing to use Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud.
Last Friday, January 26th he was escorted out of the building.
Today, We understand that subsequently, Mr. Samson sent out a note stating that the Director resigned.
Many of the ELA’s with Oracle are not being used even though they are already paid for to make way for new purchases with IBM.
The state is currently battling with Oracle on not wanting to pay the 20 million in agreed maintenance for all the software the state has purchased.