IBM Help Desk - Debacle.

ITS was directed by the Chamber to terminate the IBM Help Desk Contract (ASAP).
As of 11/2/2017, the termination has not been executed.

Apparently, doing so would decrease the revenue for both IBM and nfrastructure.
August and September 2017 payments to IBM were made in full even though they have been handling considerably less work.

There looks to be little effort being made to terminate which has the work for the state workforce while still paying IBM and nfrastructure.
This help desk RFP was drafted by Ray Rose and Mahesh Nattanmai (former Deputy CIO) to ensure IBM was awarded the contract.
Ultimately, the failure and extreme cost for the help desk is what prompted the termination of Maggie Miller and Mahesh Nattanmai the previous CIO and Deputy CIO for ITS.
hen initially asked, it was stated Ray Rose (former nfrastructure employee) was not involved in the RFP, but later it was discovered he was.

IBM Help desk Scandal
The Help desk contract RFP and the original qualifications asked for were changed by Mahesh Nattanmai and Ray Rose.
With the original contact IBM wouldn’t have because they didn’t have the experience in specifically public sector help desk work that was asked for.
But after one of the bidders — doesn’t specify who but it’s the first of the written questions submitted — asked for the specs to be changed to ask for less time specifically for public sector help desk experience — and they were changed, — and they did qualify.