Data Center.

The Data Center for NYS is a tremendous waste of Tax Payer Funds. There will never be a return on investment (ROI).

The incompetence/corruption of CIO Mr. Samson and his group of Cronies is filling the coffers of nFrastructure, IBM, CISCO, and Unisys.

The rent alone will cost over 212 million dollars – the equipment, staff, and software will cost another 250 million dollars over the length of the contact.

Part of Governor Cuomo’s initiative was to consolidate 53 data centers to the SUNY Poly site (not counting Utica – Disaster Recovery). NYS ITS rents three sites through 2029:
Premise One: 10,000 sq. feet at Nano FabXtension building 3rd and 4th Floors.
Premise Two: 30,000 sq. feet at ZEN on bottom floor.
Premise Three: 14,573 sq. feet at Nano Fab East building first floor.

Rent was is supposed to begin being paid at No 1. on November 2013, No. 2 in July 2015 and No. 3 in September 2015.

There is a total of 54,573 square feet being paid to Fuller Management that is barely used.

According to OSC:
Link Click for OSC Info The contract is for $212,069,407.00
This is for the rent for the lease for the data centers
Agency Name: Information Technology Services, Office of
Department/Facility Name: Office of Information Technology Services
Contract Number: L001883
Current Contract Amount: $212,069,407.00
Obligation to Date: $18,435,454.78
Contract Type: Lease

Paying all the rent to Fuller Management while much of the space in the data center is empty is a huge waste.

Currently, there is a significant push from the Governor’s Chamber staff and Mr. Samson’s Cronies to fill up the data center.
They know they are wasting money and worried this information could be leaked. They are trying to figure out how to move 600 state employees to the CNSE data center.

Ironically as most IT shops are moving to the cloud for hosting, the state is building out a datacenter which ends up filling the pockets of several companies that Mr. Samson and Mr. Digman have either been employees of or have close friends that run them.

The Governor’s Chamber claims huge savings from the consolidation but considering most of the moves were a simple lift and shift, and they already owned the data center buildings – where is the savings???

Mr. Samson and his inept cronies have decided to simply reword the data center to Excelsior Cloud. This is humorous. This is barely a cloud. Amazon, Azure, IBM, Oracle all have met rigorous standards for compliance SOC (security) HIPAA (Health Data), PCI (Credit Card Processing) – The state data center is not compliant in any of these?
With all the money spent they are not compliant (what a joke!!!). The Excelsior Cloud is merely a rebranding of the new ZEN building. Mr. Samson and team are calling it a private cloud.

Real cloud usage would be to use Microsoft Azure or Amazon whereby the state would not responsible for a data center but uses the services provided. Ultimately, means they do not need to support, buy infrastructure, be responsible for maintenance, worry about security, etc.

Of course using this logic – the vendors that Mr. Samson and his cronies “give tax payer funds” to would not be necessary. The costs for the NYS data center will never be returned. The state will continue to hire high priced consultants (IBM, Unisys, Cisco, etc.) to support it. Long term this will be disastrous, and the state does not have the funds or internal staff.