Mr. Robert Samson & His Executive Cronies

Incompetence/Corruption -- It's What They Do!!

Several months ago an email was sent to the Governor and his Chamber executives regarding incompetence and corruption occurring at NYS Information Technology Services (ITS).

An IG investigation commenced and is still underway. The investigation is focusing on the incompetence and corruption with Mr. Samson and his cronies (Mr. Brian Digman, Mr. Ray Rose, and MS. Karen Geduldig). In addition, there are mentions of incompetence and corruption under the previous deputy CIO Mr. Mahesh Nattanmai working in tandem with Mr. Rose on the Buffalo Billions IBM HelpDesk Contract.

There should be more investigations into the Todd Howe (IBM lobbyist turned State’s evidence against Percoco), IBM, Mr. Samson, and Alain Kaloyeros dealings!
Mr. Samson's Resume was the subject of an email between Kaloyeros and Todd Howe that was part of the evidence against Percoco - Governor Cuomo's Ex-Aide recently convicted of several felonies. Samson Howe Link to email listing.

More Stories about Mr. Samson, Todd Howe, Percoco, and Alain Kaloyeros connections.
Ex-employees of IBM run New York's IT office, ties that critics describe as too close
...More Stories The upcoming trial should shed some light!

Consider The NYS Data Center - There will never be a return on investment (ROI). The rent alone will cost over $212 million dollars – the equipment, staff, and software will cost another $250 million dollars over the length of the contact. Mr. Samson and his cronies do not care because it will fill the coffers of nFrastructure, IBM, CISCO, and Unisys. Furthermore, the data center lacks the rigorous standards for compliance SOC (security) HIPAA (Health Data), PCI (Credit Card Processing)!

Another example is the state's attempt at building an Electronic Health Record System. The state is building three separate EHR's. The Office Mental Health's Vista project probably at $100 million now, Office for People With Developmental Disabilities has requested $32.5 mil and asking for another $3.2 million for laptops etc, and OASAS also wants 6 mil for their own EHR.
The complete lack of leadership with Mr. Samson and his team is permitting three separate costly projects that basically perform the same function? The result is simple - a waste of taxpayer funds at a time where budgetary constraints are tremendous!

Since the original complaint was made a few changes have taken place at ITS to address the charges. These include Mr. Digman taking an ITS title and giving up his Thruway Authority Title (since he was working at ITS). Mr. Mike Perrin, the ex-deputy of state operations for ITS being demoted which according to insiders was due to his ineptness at recognizing the corruption with Mr. Samson and his group.

This website contains several examples of incompetence and corruption by Mr. Robert Samson NYS CIO and his cronies that work for him. From unnecessary purchases, lack of innovation, outdated technology initiatives, contract rigging, a costly reorganization to consolidate power, ignoring assets previously purchased, and poor planning/work duplication.

Mr. Robert Samson

Chief Information Officer
Robert Samson
► Mr. Samson had a 36-year career with IBM.
► Mr. Samson is engrossed in many conflicts of interest as the NYS State CIO. Including an IG investigation of him and his staff.
► Many vendors and employees compare Mr. Samson to Donald Trump with his tweeting and narcissism.
► Mr. Samson used his influence to have Michael Boyle the former VP for State, and Local Government of IBM redeployed to an less significant position as payback for terminating his son, Dan Samson.
► To assist Mr. Samson with giving more state ITS funds to IBM Mr. Samson then brought back an old friend Steve LaFleche Steve LaFlecheto be the NYS Representative.
► Mr. Samson is being investigated for soliciting a few state vendors he awards business to hire his son Daniel. First Oracle, but their attorney said no – this would be a conflict of interest. nFrastructure was asked to hire Dan Samson to work on a few projects – an extreme conflict of interest being Mr. Samson has been awarding work to nfrastructure. ► Google gave Dan Samson a position Dan Samsonand then for the first time, Google met with Mr. Samson and his ITS Executive Cronies and awarded Google project work.
► Mr. Samson claims he is not an IBM shareholder. However, he is a pension holder. Mr. Samson receives regular income from IBM. This is a conflict of interest as he is a decision maker in awarding contracts to IBM.
► Mr. Samson is also a member of several boards that are receiving contracts and money from the state. Mr. Samson is the chairman of Fort Schuyler Board of directors ( (Mr. Samson may now be a former chair, but still on the board). Mr. Samson is on the board of Fuller Road Management Corp which owns the Data Center - a private company paid by OGS via ITS funds. Mr. Samson is also on the global advisory board for the center for technology in government (CTG). Mr. Samson was also on the board of nFrastructure an Information Technology company located in Clifton Park in which he has given many contracts (HUGE CONFLICT). Apparently, Mr. Samson personally instructed Terri Papa to pay CTG $250,000 for a data governance project.
► Mr. Samson has hired NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio's former CIO MS. Anne Roest Anne Roest to run a major project. Mr. Samson even wants to allow her to double dip! Get her pension and get paid twice! All for the governor's political nemesis mayor Deblasio. Mr. Samson doesn't care as long as this RFP for integrated eligibility is steered to IBM by MS. Roest.

Ms. Karen Geduldig

Deputy Chief Information Officer
Karen Geduldig
► Ms. Geduldig is an attorney by trade - certainly not a technologist nor a leader!
► Ms. Geduldig as the ITS attorney signed off on all the software that is being ignored. Ironically, Ms. Geduldig complains the most about why was it purchased! Did she read the terms when she signed the contracts?
► Ms. Geduldig was fired by the previous State CIO Ms. Maggie Miller, but brought back by Mr. Samson!
► Ms. Geduldig along with Mr. Samson are being investigated by the IG.
► As mentioned above Ms. Geduldig is spearheading the entire reorganization of the ITS clusters.
► Ms. Geduldig and Mr. Samson would like her to be the next CIO when Mr. Samson leaves by choice or is asked to!!
► At the recent NASCIO conference Ms. Geduldig touted innovations such as Chatbots and Alexa skills, yet she recommended with the rest of the executives to
• Purchase more mainframes (2 IBM Z-14s – Cost of $5,000,000)
• Avoid using the Cloud – except for IBM’s
• Convert Databases to DB2
► Ms. Geduldig's actions are not demonstrating an aptitude as an innovator.

Mr. Brian Digman

ITS Director
Brian Digman
► Mr. Digman was fired by Governor Cuomo as the State CIO, but brought back by Mr. Samson!
► Mr. Digman along with Ms. Geduldig and Mr. Samson are being investigated by the IG.
► Mr. Digman, like Mr. Samson and Mr. Rose push all IBM products.
► Mr. Digman diverts as much as work as possible to his good friend from Unisys - Mr. Naren Patel.
► Mr. Digman along with Mr. Ray Lewis from IBM pushes the clusters/agencies to use only IBM products.
► Mr. Digman has not permitted the usage of already purchased Azure credits, Microsoft Dynamics, or Oracle products.
► Mr. Digman along with Mr. Samson and Ms. Geduldig pushed to purchase 2 mainframes (2 IBM Z-14s – Cost of $5,000,000) and now seek projects for them!
► Mr. Digman has been pushing the unnecessary conversion of databases to the old DB2 - a complete waste of money! But money for IBM

Mr. Ray Rose

Ray Rose
► Mr. Ray Rose really is Mr. IBM
► Mr. Rose is like Percoco but Mr Digman's foot solider.
► Mr. Rose along with Mr. Mahesh Nattanmai violated many procurement and ethics rules with the IBM Help Desk Purchase (See Link).
► Mr. Rose works with Ms. Geduldig directing the cluster projects and money - mainly to IBM or nFrastructure.